This is how it works

We evaluate your property

At this step we will see how your property will fit into our portfolio. To start this process you’ll need to fill out the webform


We agree on simple terms and conditions.

You get paid

You’re paid directly from The Rent Solution by check or automatic deposit.

The Rent Solution

1. Less wear and tear on property
2. No more vetting and turnover of tenants
3. No loss of income due to vacancies
4. Repairs get fixed right away
5. Constant inspection and upkeep of properties
6. Small issues get handled by us quickly


Long Term Tenants

1. More wear and tear on property
2. Constant vetting and turnover of new tenants
3. Loss of income due to vacancies
4. Necessary repairs go unattended
5. Loss of occupancy due to repairs
6. Lots of small maintenance issues and cost