1. Why should I use your service?

Our agreement secures timely monthly payments, no hassling with tenants, less wear and tear on the property and constant monitoring.

3. Do you have insurance?

Yes, each new unit we bring on is under our business insurance 1 million dollar policy. You will still need to have your own standard home-owner’s insurance policy.

4. Who pays for the damage to the property?

We cover all damages to the property that is done buy us or our tenants.

5. Who does the tenant call when there’s a plumbing or electrical issue?

They will call us, not you!!!!If it’s something small then we will just pay it and you’ll never know about it.

6. Are you making the problem of affordable housing worse?

We are helping to make housing more affordable and more accessible. RunMyRent adds supply to the market by making the housing market more fluid so that no property is sitting empty. We make it easy for a homeowner to make their property available and easy for a prospective tenant to find a property and move in.

7. How long are your leases with the property owner?

That’s negotiable, generally they are 1-3 years.

8. Does it matter if the place is furnished?

We prefer furnished properties, but we have just as many unfurnished ones that are in our portfolio.

9. Does RunMyRent work with realtors and property managers?

Yes and Yes. About 25% of our properties we work with the property manager instead of the landlord.